Component 3: Digital Skills and Technology Adoption

This component aims to better equip individuals and businesses across the region for the jobs and economy of the future and to spur innovation and productivity growth, adapting a regional approach, capturing economies of scale in specialized digital skills development programs and creating a pool of advanced digital talent to better position the region to attract investment by digital firms.

This subcomponent aims to support training for employment opportunities in digitally enabled professions.  Specific activities will include:

  • Subcomponent 3.1.a: A survey and assessment to identify the technical and soft skills in greatest demand in the regional and global market among digitally enabled industries and conducive to remote working arrangements
  • Subcomponent 3.1.b: Designing and implementing a regional level advanced digital skills development and job coaching program, including the provision of Digital Skills Stipends
  • Subcomponent 3.1.c: National level digital skills development and job coaching programs

This subcomponent seeks to increase adoption of digital technologies, platforms, and digitally enabled business models by SMEs and access to digital devices for students, teachers, and vulnerable groups. Specific activities will include:

  • Subcomponent 3.2.a: A program to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies within priority sectors (tourism, agriculture, etc.) including managerial training, business advisory services, and provision of matching grants or other incentives to competitively selected SMEs to support digital technology and marketing investments
  • Subcomponent 3.2.b: Facilitating acceptance of electronic payments by merchants and promoting cash reduction in the economy (not applicable to DOM)
  • Subcomponent 3.2.c: Support for an internship or apprenticeship program to facilitate job placements of participants of the digital skills programs (under Subcomponent 3.1) including provision of Internship Stipends for participants
  • Subcomponent 3.2.d: Support for innovation programs and co-working spaces
  • Subcomponent 3.2.e: Support for purchase of digital devices and associated digital content and training to support access among vulnerable groups and remote learning by students