Project Beneficiaries

Nearly every current or future user of telecommunications and digital financial services will benefit from the legal and regulatory reforms aiming to reduce costs, improve quality of services, and stimulate investment and innovation. Businesses and individuals will be able to access public services and carry out transactions with government more efficiently and conveniently through online platforms. Individuals will have access to new training opportunities and support to help them find new digitally enabled jobs, while businesses will have opportunities to improve their productivity and tap into new customers and markets through support for technology adoption and training in online marketing and e-commerce.

The project will also benefit the public sector through increased efficiency of the government’s internal operations. Traditionally marginalized or vulnerable groups will also benefit, with rural communities having better access to services and digitally enabled jobs without the barriers of distance and transportation. Women and girls will be supported and encouraged to participate in digital skills and entrepreneurship opportunities in greater numbers, and digital public service offerings and training opportunities will be designed to ensure access to those with disabilities.

Additionally, it is expected that the resilience of GOCD will be enhanced. The use of ICT,  digital platforms and technologies will put the government in a better position to fortify and safeguard public sector functionality, as well as the critical physical and information data sets and systems that will allow it to deliver public services prior to and in the event of natural disasters or other crises.

The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to increase access to digital services, technologies, and skills by governments, businesses, and individuals in the participating Eastern Caribbean countries, including Dominica.